Stop Smoking – Start Vaping !!!

For all of you who like/love/are addicted to cigarettes and/or sheesha – STOP NOW !

Head to !!!



We’ve known the bad side of tobacco right since childhood with references in books and media – not to mention the legendary Mukesh who would pop up right before a movie began. Yet, we did not abstain.

Some of us started smoking due to curiosity, others due to peer pressure. And right when we claimed that it was “just a phase” and that we weren’t going to be addicted to it, we realised that quitting was harder than we had imagined.

But that was yesterday. Today, among other things like nicotine patches and Nicorette chewing gums, we have an entirely revamped and improved technology – Vape.

What is a Vape?
A Vaporiser (or Vape) is a device that turns flavoured liquids into smoke. It’s what you can call “e-cig ka bada bhai” (e-cig’s elder brother). They come in all shapes and sizes (and price ranges).



How is a Vape not harmful?
The primary cause of concern with tobacco smoke is that it has tar (that ruins your lungs), carbon monoxide (poisonous) and carcinogens (which, well, cause cancer). A Vape has none of these. It’s just flavoured vapor.


What kind of flavours can I get?
Vapes use e-liquids. There is a VERY large variety of these available at with a staggering number of flavour options (and you can then mix and match to make even MORE flavours). Be it fruity or minty – you’re sure to find something to suit your taste!


What if I’m an addict?
Addiction to cigarettes is actually an addiction to their nicotine. Smoka e-liquids at are infused with nicotine (with various strengths to mimic your daily nicotine intake). They come in all kinds of flavours including ones that taste like cigarette smoke – a sure shot way to kick the butt (cigarette butt, that is).


Okay – I’m Sold! What should I do?
Congratulations! You’re now on your way to a delicious and harmless vaping experience! Here’s how :
1. Go to
2. Select the Vaporiser Mod (the device) and liquids of your choice.
3. Add some accessories (if you want to).
4. Proceed to checkout.
5. Use coupon EATSALOTT7 to get a 7% discount! You’re welcome.


If only Mukesh had lived long enough to read this post. #RIP



Coming Soon –> Eatsalott’s Review of the iVape Stratus 3000

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